Sunday, December 9, 2007

Most Recent Awesome Sightings...

So I got to the High School I taught at the other day only to discover it was a "late start day", translation: I was an hour and a half early for school. After getting gas at Costco and a coffee at Starbeezies I drove back to the school parking lot preparing to just sit in my car and listen to "The Best of Peter, Paul, and Mary" - yes, that's right I listen to PPM, they rock, don't judge! - Anyhoo, on the way back I saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner car-thing. There it was, with it's brown-weiner-on-yellow-bread-awesomeness. It was amazing. I suddenly wished I were an Oscar Meyer weiner! I exclaimed, "Oh my GAWD!!" And then, just as fast as I ran the stop sign rubbernecking at it, it was gone. A deep sadness settled in as I realized I wouldn't see anything that good for a long time. Then I started reminiscing about all the awesome sightings I have had in the past couple of months. I fondly remembered the day I saw not one, but two, people riding unicycles at the UO. That wonderful day I saw the lady with the mullet (actual picture at left), the time in Portland that Aaron and I saw a man who looked like a dirty pirate with a wooden arm playing a guitar, who explained to a passerby, "How else am I going to play??", and the 40 year old virgin (I am guessing) who was playing with a yo-yo out in front of a liquor store. "Yes, I totally just rocked the cradle!!" Ah, I love seeing weird things, things that make you go, "Hmmm", and definitely things that make you appreciate people that just don't give a shit about what other people think. I like these people. Cheers to you, peeps and keep up the good work!

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