Sunday, November 18, 2007


As I sit in front of my computer and list of "things to do" I can't help but wonder, "How can I avoid these things for just a little longer?" I am not sure what has put me into this procrasti-funk, but I am here. Perhaps it's the weather, with its stay-in-and-read-a-book, rainy, dark day haze. Maybe it's the the roomies are out and the Broncos aren't playing today. Whatever reason it is, I need to get out of it. I could go for a run... but it's cold out. I suppose I could go to the grocery store and at least get that done today. My to-do list is growing instead of shrinking and I am so busy I can do nothing but stare at my computer. I am paralyzed from the sheer amount of work I have to complete. I have even taken up starting IM conversations with those that I don't normally talk to on IM. Jenny is doing well, Amy is busy making her Thanksgiving plans, Elif is moving, Deanna is working, Jenice is in Chicago mocking the UN.

Well, the first leg of laundry is done, guess I better go get that... OH WAIT, EUREKA! X-box... yes, sweet X-box of laziness, with your sleek controller that allows me to sit on the coach and never move. It's so tempting...

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Epitaph said...

Sweet, sweet XBox...
I love it.

Thanks for taking that devil box off my hands for a bit.
Now, go buy Assassin's creed. That was, after all, part of the deal.